VOF volunteer team celebrates “A Day of Service” at Evergreen Cemetery

A team of nearly a dozen VOF staff, family, and friends, including executive director Brett Glymph and trustee Viola Baskerville, headed out to Richmond’s Evergreen Cemetery for a cleanup on January 15 to honor Martin Luther King Day. Taking place each year on the third Monday in Janu
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Pulaski County easement will provide key linkages in New River Valley greenway

Hazel Hollow in Pulaski County is an 11-acre strip of green space that hugs the northern bank of the New River just across from the City of Radford. Its potential for development as residential riverfront property is obvious and might have been inevitable. Instead, thanks to the wishe
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Protecting the Clinch River Valley

Fishing on the Clinch River
Neal Kilgore remembers the fish kill on the Clinch River well. “I was about 10 years old. My friend and I would go fishing in the river often; but one day, all of a sudden, fish started coming up to the surface, struggling like they were trying to breathe. We had no idea what was goin
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